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Travelling to Guadeloupe

At about 6000 km from Europe, you can get to Guadeloupe, Pointe a Pitre in 8 hours from Paris Orly. There are about 5 flights a day depending on the time of year.

 travelling guadeloupe

Air France, the national airline, offers a wide range of prices and the possibility of buying a ticket online, connecting flights can be purchased and arranged at the same time.
Air Caraïbes, a French company specialized in connections with and within the Antilles and Corsair, part of the nouvelle frontiers group, also run daily flights from Paris Orly. You will need to organise flights to Paris, although you might be able to do that at a lower cost, by yourself.
There are many low cost airlines offering cheap flights to get to Paris. You will need to make sure that your ticket guarantees passage for connecting flights in case of unexpected delays by the airlines. If you buy your ticket direct from Air France plus the connecting flight to Paris, you will not have this issue as Air France will let you board the next available flight. Note that most flights coming in from Europe land at Charles Charles de Gaulle, Paris and you will need to arrange to transfer to Orly, Paris, where the international flights leave from. Take into account travelling times between the two airports of aprox. 2 hours.

If you love the sea and you have the time, there are two other ways to get to Guadeloupe. You can sail out of European seas between the periods of October to December, when many ships make the journey over or you can hitch a ride on a cargo ship with passenger facilities.



Airline tickets

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Maritime connections to / from Guadeloupe

maritime connections guadeloupe

The other neighbouring islands are easily reachable by sea from Guadeloupe.
Express des Iles departing from Point à Pitre in Guadeloupe connects to Dominica, Martinique and St. Lucia (Wed / Fri / Sun; crossing times vary between 1h45, 3h45, 6h50.) you can take your car, but most car rental companies wouldn't accept you taking their cars to an-other island.
Another company that serves the islands of Martinique and Dominica is

Other Air connections 

travelling guadeloupe

Guadeloupe is connected by Air Caraibes with regular flights to Martinique, St Martin, St Barth, Haiti, Santo Domingo, and Cuba, via Martinique, St Lucia, Canouan (Grenadines), French Guiana, Belem (Brazil).
The company Liat serves St Lucia and several other islands in the region via Antigua: St. Vincent, Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago, Santo Domingo, Barbados, Tortola, Anguilla, St. Kitts & Nevis, via St Martin: St Thomas, Tortola, St.Croix, San Juan (Puerto Rico).
Air Antilles Express links with Guadeloupe Martinique, St. Martin and St.Barth.
There are links with the United States (American Eagle via Puerto Rico - Air France to Miami 3 times a week - Delta Airlines to Atlanta on Saturday) and with Canada (Air Canada and Air Transat).




The airport of Pointe à Pitre

TThe international airport, Pole Caraibes in Guadaloupe was opened in 1996 and has representatives from AéroLyon, Air Canada, Air France, Air Caraïbes, Delta Airlines, Air Antille Express, American Airlines, Corsair, Cubana, Liat, North American, Royal, Star, Air Europe, Air Transat.


airport pointe à pitre guadeloupe


At the airport you can find the check in desks, souvenir shops, music and tobacco shops.You will also find a pharmacy, a hair dressers, a post office, snack shops, internet kiosk, a money exchange, ATM/cash machine, restaurants & bars, taxi desks and duty free. The airport is DDA friendly.

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Moving between the islands of Guadeloupe

To move between the islands of Guadeloupe, you have the choice, by air or sea.
Les Saintes is accessible from Guadeloupe with ferries departing from Pointe à Pitre, Trois Rivière, Sainte Anne and St Francois (via Marie Galante - only in season). Les Saintes is also has daily connections from Marie Galante.
Marie Galante can be reached by Saint François, Pointe à Pitre and Les Saintes.
La Desirade be reached only from mainland Guadeloupe, St.Francois at Grande Terre.
The maritime options are more flexible a reasonable priced compared to air travel options.
Before taking the boat, ensure on all cases that you are well informed on the departure times and aim to be there in advance, as some times the boats leave early!
If you prefer to travel by private plane, Tropic Airlines tel. 0590 202 018.
More specific details can be found on this site on the individual pages of the islands concerned.


Taking the bus in Guadeloupe

bus guadeloupe

There are two bus stations in Pointe à Pitre, the new station Bergevin, is not in the city centre, but runs routes to Basse-Terre. The other terminal is near the train station in the Quartier de la Darse (Dock lands,) center city and it runs the routes to Grande-Terre. The station at Bergevin has a ticket office, where you can find the timetables. The other station is more like a bus park and you will need to buy your ticket on the bus, directly from the driver. Ticket price guideline is as follows, Pointe-à-Pitre - Deshaies: € 5; Pointe à Pitre-Basseterre: € 8 (April 08). Guadeloupe is trying to reorganise her public transport system, to provide users with a regular and more frequent service.  They are aiming to provide transport on Saturday afternoons, Sundays and public holidays and keep the services running until 21/22. They should also be improving the intervilles, which run local rural routes that connect the villages and small towns, the express routes, with link the major towns with just a few stops in-between, the periurbaines routes which connect the outskirts of Pointe-à-Pitre with the city centre.

Getting around on the island



The best way to get around the island of Guadeloupe, both Grande Terre & Basse Terre is by hiring a car. A car will let you be independent and to be able to get to where you want with out fuss.
The roads are in a good condition. The national roads link the island up well, passing through all the principle points of interest.
Public transport, bus or coach is also well linked and is an ideal way to encounter the local population and to get inside the real life of Guadeloupe, but you can’t be in a rush.

Les Saintes it is easier to hire a scooter or bicycle. At Marie Galante again we would advice that you hire a car, you could hire a bike but we would only advice this for the very fit, the hills can be very tiring.
There are several mini buses on the island too, early morning mostly, which connect the main towns of the island.
At Desirade again it is best to hire a scooter; but if you intend to climb into the heights it would be best to hire a 4x4
The local population moves around by hitchhike, some tourists do the same thing. We would not advice it, it can obviously be dangerous, especially for woman on there own or in the evening hours.

Car rentals in Guadeloupe


car rentals guadeloupe

To enjoy the island to its max, we would advice you hire a car. In Guadeloupe this will give you the freedom to move freely and enjoy the maxi men of things between the two islands of Grande-Terre and Basse-Terre. A hire car will also help you to enjoy your evenings in Guadeloupe. Guadeloupe is very large, with a car you will not be obliged to stay in the same place. You could be at a fabulous beach, but often with little around it. To get to the various local hot spots at night or to try out different restaurants you will be obliged to move around. The price of a hire car is around 40 Euro a day in high season and as low as 19 Euro a day in low. Nearly all the hire car companies do pickup/drop off at the airport.

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