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la desirade guadeloupe

The Désirade is only 10 km from Guadeloupe, and yet gives you the idea that its on the other side of the world: the lack of visitors, its wild appearance, dry landscape makes it a kingdom to iguanas. This has all helped to keep this island unique. Just 22 km2 the most untouched island of Guadeloupe. Inhabited exclusively along the south coast by a mere 1700 inhabitants, La Désirade is only 11 km long and 2 wide and is characterized by a plateau that reaches 275Meters in height and renowned for its beautiful views. A one road island, that runs its length, the island offers tourists some beautiful beaches and a calm environment. The story behind the leprosarium and its confinement of the "undesirable" king of France is of interest. Desirade boasts superb beaches at Petite Terre, between the Désirade and Les Saintes.

The beaches of Désirade

The beaches are located on the south coast of the island, all are shady and protected by coral reefs. There are several small snacks & small restaurants, but in low season, they are not always open.


beach baie mahault la desirade guadeloupe


Anse Petite Rivière - Baie Mahault


beach anse echelle la desirade guadeloupe


anse echelle la desirade guadeloupe


anse echelle la désirade guadeloupe


Anse d'Echelle - Pointe des Colibris


beausejour beach la desirade guadeloupe


Plage du Souffleur - Beauséjour




Diving spots in Désirade

Desirade is a must in Guadeloupe in terms of diving. It particularly rich, virgin, untouched and all the fish size xxl. Suitable for qualified scuba divers, with at least level 1.

Diving La Désirade, Guadeloupe


The best spot
The sharks cave is a spectacular dive of 22 meters. You'll find barracudas, sharks, rays, manta rays and turtles. For 2° level divers.
The chaos is a maze of rocks between 15/20 meters a magnificent marine environment with gigantic fish.


Walking paths

route de la montagne la désirade guadeloupe


There are quiet a few trails giving walking fans the opportunity to discover the real Desirade. The longest is approximately 3 hours, 5 hours to do the full tour of the island (20 km).


chapelle du calvaire la desirade


pointe des colibris la desirade


Visiting Désirade

Desirade can be seen in one day, it is enough to take a look round the island and appreciate and get to know its beautiful beaches. In 15 minutes you can get from one side to the other. The mountain road,which is only doable in 4x4 takes two hours.
You can also sleep at Désirade, which we recommended for those looking for true peace and quiet. There is a choice of hotels and chez l'habitant, but tourist facilities and restaurants are not numerous.

panorama la desirade



Protected by coral reefs (Cayes), it is the port of arrival for the ferry from Guadeloupe, Beauséjour is a small fishing village that has maintained its traditional ways. A point of interest is its cemetery, with its simple the tombs are simple but all decorated with conch shells.

beausejour la desirade guadeloupe


The Leprosarium

The leprosarium was the symbol of Désirade for more than two centuries, from 1728 to 1956. Lepers we required to migrate to the island with sufficient livestock and food for six months Accommodation was assigned to them in a way that they would be self sufficient. The locals would mistreat the sick. They would beat them with sticks, use them as slaves and plunder there land & belongings. It was only at the beginning of the 1800's that a hospital was built for them and a doctor assigned. Today you can visit the ruins of the leprosarium and the old cotton mill at 6 km. from Baie-Mahault.


Leprosarium la desirade



la desirade guadeloupe


Le quartier des sables

In 1763 France deported some of its most disruptive members of the aristocratic families. The “Camp des relégués” or "The internment camp”, on Desirade was in place for just a short period, but many of the aristocracy chose to remain on the island.
At 1,5 km. south of Beausejour.


Les Ilets de Petite Terre

petite terre guadeloupe


Petite Terre, a nature reserve, is a coral archipelago located between La Desirade and Marie Galante. Consisting of two islands, Terre de Bas and Terre de Haut. Petite Terre is a little paradise inhabited only by just two guards and the iguanas. You can get to it from Saint François on mainland Guadeloupe, where you will find daily excursions to the island. You can also find other sail boats and excursions which visit the spot. To be avoided on weekends and Easter weekend.


petite terre guadeloupe


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To get to La Désirade

la desirade by boat


From Saint Francois, Guadeloupe, there are daily crossings to Beauséjour, one in the morning and one in mid-afternoon. The crossing takes about 45 minutes. The same is true for the return, one early morning and one late afternoon. Boarding and ticket sales at the port of Saint François - About 24 euros return. Be warned ... the sea is pretty rough


la desirade harbour


By plane: Tropic Airlines tel. 0590 202 018 


How to get about

There is just one main road linking Pointe des Colibris on the west, to the former weather station (soon to be restored and will become a museum) on the east of the island.


la desirade

Scooter is an ideal means of transport for getting around the island. If you want to try Route de la Montagne how-evr you will need a 4x4. You can hire a small Suzuki Jimmy at the port of Beauséjour.
There are not many scooter rentals on the island, it is advisable to book in advance.
There is only one petrol station on the island, at Beauséjour.




Only one-atm/cash machine in Beausejour