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marie galante, guadeloupe






beach in marie galante, guadeloupe






beach marie galante, guadeloupe






marie galante, guadeloupe








marie galante, guadeloupeThe island of Marie Galante, has at least a hundred mills, is the third largest among the islands of the French Antilles, at 158 km2. 30 km from Guadeloupe, Marie Galante is circular in shape with rolling hills, (Its highest point is just 204 meters) and its countryside is extraordinary. The northern coast is characterized by its high cliffs and nearly a quarter of the region in the north is separated from the rest by a deep fault. Today Marie Galante reminds you of Guadeloupe as it was fifty years ago: retaining it agricultural nature, this warm & welcoming island is almost entirely dedicated to the cultivation of sugar cane. Step back in time to surreal scenes of duel ox drawn carts kabwé transporting sugar cane to the 106 mills scattered across the island like sentinels. The islands thrilling and bloody past provide the visitor a chance to learn with a step back in time, what life was like before. The few surviving distilleries are considered to produce amongst the best of rums. Marie Galante is bordered by heavenly, deserted beaches, some are considered the most beautiful of the archipelago of Guadeloupe. The region north of the island is the most picturesque, with forests, hills and beautiful beaches, where you get the feeling that time has stopped.

The beaches in Marie Galante

The beaches of Marie-Galante are considered some of the most beautiful in Guadeloupe, it is no coincidence that most of the publicity shoots for Guadeloupe are shot here!
There are about ten beaches and each one is more beautiful the other: some on the Atlantic coast and the others, protected by coral reefs on the Caribbean side. Leeward side and with long white sanded stretches lapped by the placid waters of the Caribbean Sea. All to be discovered!

anse mays marie galante guadeloupe


Anse de Mays - Saint Louis


la feuilliere beach capesterre marie galante guadeloupe


Le Feuillère Beach - Capesterre


anse moustique, marie galante guadeloupe


Anse Moustique - Saint Louis


les galets beach, marie galante guadeloupe


Les Galets Beach - Capesterre


feuillard beach marie galante guadeloupe


Anse Feuillard Beach - Capesterre



Accommodations in Marie Galante


bungalow marie galante

Marie Galante offers a variety of accommodation to suit all tastes, but no 5 star properties.
The welcome is heartfelt & genuine. Most of the bungalows and hotels are concentrated long the coast between Grand Bourg Capesterre. Accommodation "chez l'habitant" or “locals houses,' are easy to find on the island.


The history of Marie Galante

mulino marie galante


The history of Marie-Galante is quite eventful. Christopher Columbus discovered the island in 1493, known to its native inhabitants, (Caraibes,) as Aulingan (Cotton island,) and renamed after the caravel of Columbus, Maria Galanta.
The first French colonists settled in Vieux Fort in 1648. At the beginning of 1700's the first slaves were brought to the island for the tobacco plantations. With the arrival of the Dutch, driven from Brazil, the production of sugar developed and gave life to the first Sugar plantations creating the monoculture of sugar cane. The Dutch attacked the island several times plundering and destroying the mills and factories, then from 1692 to 1816 the British and French fought for Marie-Galante five times. In this period the island saw independence from 1792 to 1794.
After numerous bloody conflicts between rebels and slave masters, in 1848 the abolition of slavery was achieved. But the attempts by influential white farmers to restore "order" in 1849 gave birth to a bloody fight at Habitation Pirogue, which became famous after the tragic events that saw tens of blacks slaves dying for the right to freedom, the date is now remembered with a celebratory event.



Distilleries in Marie Galante


rum and distilleries marie galante


Three distilleries in Marie-Galante remained in operation: Distillerie Bellevue, Distillerie Bielle, Distillerie Poison.
They produce an excellent white rum 59°. They are open to the public most mornings.
Opportunity to buy direct.


Diving in Marie Galante


ilet marie galante


The dive spots in Marie Galante are unforgettable and a once in a life time opportunity. Depending on the season you may encounter dolphins and listen to whale songs which resonate in the waters.
Turtles, barracuda, angel fish, parrot fish, moray eels, lobsters, octopus, leopard rays and moray eels are common fare for divers, amongst its wonderful virgin spots.


Excursions and hiking trails

excursion marie galante


For those who want to seize a taste of the authentic Marie Galante and like walking and hiking, the trails are a numerous. From the tourism office, you can buy a map detailing pedestrian routes & paths.


Le P'tit Kiwi – local crafts

Reaching the distillery Bellevue, the first and only eco-distillery of Guadeloupe, do not miss a visit to the boutique run by Christophe, the P'tit Kiwi. We were fascinated by the skill and sensitivity of this young artist-craftsman in the working of Calebasse.






Visiting Marie Galante

 Marie Galante can be seen in one day, but we recommend you stay a few nights in order to fully appreciate the atmosphere and the beauty of its beaches.

Grand Bourg is the capital, lively in the morning and sleepy in the afternoon.

grand bourg, marie galante


Saint Louis, a ferry dock to the north of the island, is a quiet village, situated on a white beach with several small restaurants, beautiful beaches to the north of the country (Vieux Fort, Anse Moustique, Anse Canot). North of Saint Louis, towards Vieux Fort only ten minutes by car to admire the Great Gueule Gouffre, a natural arch carved by the sea. a ferry port to the north of the island, it is a quiet village, situated on a white beach with several small restaurants, beautiful beaches to the north of the country (Vieux Fort, Anse Moustique, Anse Canot). To the north of Saint Louis, towards Vieux Fort and only ten minutes by car, admire the Great Gueule Gouffre, a natural arch carved by the sea. Also worth a visit is the coulourful panorama of Caya Plate.


saint louis, marie galante


saint louis marie galante


gueule grande gouffre


The fine and breezy beaches of Capesterre are also worth the trip. Here there is the greatest concentration of tourist facilities, although the village itself does not offer any special attractions.



capesterre marie galante


The Habitation Trianon-Roussel
The Habitation Roussel, dating back to 1700 and now in ruins, has been classified a national monument since 1981 because of its colonial significance.

habitation roussel marie galante


The Habitation Murat
Eco-museum of Marie-Galante, the Habitation Murat dates back to the 1600's and had a protagonist role in the golden age of sugar. It was one of the largest estates on the island, with an area of 200 hectares and more than 200 slaves . The property consisted of about thirty buildings, 2 mills, one hundred cases (housing for the slaves), la maison de maître, with a superb architecture and built by the British during a period of colonization in 1800.
The eco-museum offers an overview on the history of Marie-Galante and an attractive medicinal herb garden.

habitation murat marie galante


habitation murat marie galante


Only 1.5 km from Grand Bourg, in the direction Capesterre, signs are on the left. Open to the public from 8 to 13 and from 14.30 to 17.30. During the weekend from 9am to 12 and from 14 to 16. Admission free.
Guided tours. Tel. 0590 979441


habitation murat marie galante


Le Mulin Bézard

The mill BEZARD at Capesterre is the only one of the 106 mills Marie Galante to have resisted time and weathering. Built in 1814, the golden age of sugar production, (Marie-Galante alone produced 20% of all the sugar from Guadeloupe,) it remained in operation until 1940 and was well renovated in 1994, to be turned into a museum. Admission € 2 adults, children 1euro.


mulino marie galante


La mare au punch

La mare au punch or "the punch swamp." To celebrate the abolition of slavery in 1848 slaves of the Habitation Pirogue poured into the swamp hectoliters of rum. The celebrations lasted days and days.


mare au punch, marie galante



The Ox competitions 



A true cultural tradition from Marie Galante, from June to February, the Ox competitions are held usually on Sundays. A real atmosphere winners on the podiums, music & entertainment. These races take place in small villages: Morne Lolo, Canada, Vanniers, Bambara and Saint-Michel. Ask the tourist office to find out dates and venues of racing.


Local crafts

On the road connecting Grand Bourg and Capesterre, in the hamlet of Murat stop to a visit  Victor Tibedeo, a craftsman who makes crafts with wood, roots, Calebasse and coconut.


artigianato a marie galante



Accommodations in Marie Galante


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Restaurants in Marie Galante


 all restaurants in Marie Galante 


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Places of interest


places of interest on the islands of Guadeloupe



Sports and activities


sport and activities on the islands of Guadeloupe




Getting to Marie Galante

st louis, marie galante


Marie-Galante is about 30 km from Guadeloupe and there are daily connections between the two islands.
The ferry from Pointe à Pitre leaves from the maritime station at Bergevin and lands in Saint Louis and Grand Bourg. There are 6 returans crossings a day. The crossing takes 45 minutes, crossing the coast about 39 euros round trip, 24 euros one way. Saint François ferries depart from the marina, linking Guadeloupe Marie-Galante almost daily with departures early in the mornings and return trips later in the afternoon.
Tickets are 33 euro return and available at the dock.
The ferry which provides some midweek trips leave from Sainte Anne and lands at Sainte
Louis, which is further north of Marie Galante and the oldest village on the island.
Leaving from Les Saintes the ferry sails at the end of the afternoon from Terre de Haut. The return trip leaves the next day. It is about a 45 min crossing.
By plane: Tropic Airlines tel. 0590 202 018 (tel. airport in Grand-Bourg 0590 975100)


Moving around the island


capesterre panorama, marie galante


Marie-Galante is a fairly large island, with a circumference of 15 km. We recommend renting a scooter or a car.
Many car rental companies operate in Grand-Bourg Saint Louis and offer car, scooter and MBK hire.
There 2 are regular bus lines, the first connecting Grand Bourg to Capesterre, the second from Grand Bourg and Saint-Louis. Several independent mini-buses offer shuttling between villages and hamlets. As elsewhere in the archipelago of Guadeloupe public transport is frequent during the morning and slower in the afternoon when times become unpredictable. Average price is 2 Euros paid on arrival.




Mosquitoes are plentiful on the island!